Instructional CDs on Flash Drives

For over 30 years Pat Godin has documented many of his carving projects with photography. This documentation has been accomplished with a camera by his side as he works on a bird and also backed up with studio photography. For several of these projects these high quality images been organized into a logical sequence showing the progression in the carving, detailing, and painting and then recorded in digital format originally on CDs, now loaded onto Flash Drives. They are much like reading a book with the added benefit of being able to zoom in on fine detail on your computer.

Each image on these CDs has been edited on Adobe Photoshop to crop, enhance contrast, and add text explaining the technique or process shown in that image. Most of the images show the tools used at that stage in the carving and/or painting as well as color mixtures and brushes used to apply the paint.

If you have an interest in participating in a seminar by Pat Godin and looking over his shoulder as he works these CDs will satisfy that desire.

These CD projects will now be loaded onto Flash Drives that will connect to a USB port on your computer.  Several CD projects can be loaded onto one Flash Drive.

To qualify for our bulk purchase discount, buy three or more CDs and receive each CD at $30 each. Use the code cd2015 at checkout to apply the discount.  Also, for orders of two or more CDs these can be loaded onto a Flash Drive, if requested in a note on the order.

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