Just Getting Started!

If you are reading this you have probably seen the new Godin Art website (www.GodinArt.com).  If you read through some of the sections especially the “biography” it will give you a little insight into what has inspired me over many years to continue to pursue my desire to create great works of art featuring the subjects I have such a deep passion for, creatures from the avian world.


I hope you enjoy looking through the newly designed galleries.   These have been updated with a lot of my most current work including several of my most recent Best in World winning pieces.   There is also a new Gallery entitled Other Artwork.   Yes there are other artistic things I have done not directly related to three-dimensional wildfowl sculpture.


Take a look at the sculpture of Emma.   That was such a challenging project, but in the end incredibly rewarding.  Of course a dog is a mammal and actually I have twice before in the past made a mammal.   In the 1982 Best in World Decorative Lifesize Wildfowl piece Along the Grand – Black ducks and Muskrat I chose to sculpt and paint the Muskrat as a third subject in the design.  In 1985 I made a piece entitled Startled!  Black-billed Magpie and Deer Mouse designed to show a great reaction between the mouse and the bird.   I still remember capturing the Deer Mouse and spending the winter with it in my work room.   Regarding the Emma sculpture, there is an element in this piece that ties her to the avian world.   Emma, the Setter, is actually pointing a Ruffed Grouse and although the bird is not carved, you can see the reflection of the flushing bird in the painted eye of the dog.


In future entries in this catalog of thoughts, I will want to talk about many ideas I have about bird sculpture.   I am sure there will be a lot of tangential roads I will wander down.   I would like to hear any comments you would like to give whether you agree with me or maybe more importantly disagree.  It will be interesting for sure.


Also, take a look on my Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Pat-GodinGodin-Art-957358590984822/?ref=hl) and you will find a bunch of valuable and interesting bird carving and painting tips (click on the Facebook link on the website).


I am currently working on pieces that will be entered at the Ward World Championship competition In Ocean City in April.  So I may be little slow in posting new discussions here, but be patient.


I have been so fortunate to have had the opportunity to create bird sculpture for a living.   This is truly the only full time “job” I have every had.   How rewarding it has been and like I said I am just getting started!

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