Northern Pintails World Shootin’ Rig 2018


This three bird rig, featuring two drakes and one hen Northern Pintail, were created by Pat Godin for the 2018 Ward World Championship competition held in Ocean City, Maryland.  The rules in World Shootin’ Rig category require a drake and hen of one species with any other bird added for the third.  In addition, these birds are judged in open water conditions requiring special considerations for flotation.  To aid in stabilizing them on the water they have been hollowed and have hardwood keels ballast weighted with lead.  Although these decoys have been designed in a working decoy style, exceptional detail has been rendered in the carving of feathers and bills as well as in the refinement of the paint.


At the Ward World show ( these Pintails were judged Best in World for Pat’s sixteenth World title since 1976.  The field of entries was exceptionally competitive with seven World Champions represented.  As part of the honor of winning this award the three Pintails will be on display at the Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art in Salisbury, MD until the spring of 2019.


If you have an interest in acquiring these Pintails, have any questions, or would like to see more images please contact Pat Godin at or by telephone at 519-448-1244.