Spectacled Eider Drake 1989 Original For Sale


This original Spectacled Eider Drake decoy was carved by Pat Godin at a life size scale in a “Decorative Smoothie” style.  It has been in Pat’s personal collection since its creation in 1989 and is in perfect original condition.  During the writing and compilation of Pat’s third book in the series of Championship Waterfowl Patterns in 1989, he amassed a great amount of reference material for the Sea Duck and Merganser species including the Spectacled Eider.   This bird was made at that time and an image was printed on the back cover of Volume Three.

The Spectacled Eider is certainly among the more unusual species of waterfowl in North America and also is a very interesting and beautiful bird.

If you are interested in acquiring this piece and would like additional information and/or photographs please contact Pat directly at pat@GodinArt.com or by telephone at 519-448-1244.