Wood Duck Shootin’ Rig 2017


These three Wood Ducks were made in 2017 and are designed  and composed as a three bird Shootin’ Rig.  They are hollow and have keels for ballast along with custom made anchors.   Also, these decoys are carved about 7% oversize.

An interesting feature is Pat Godin’s interpretation of a juvenile Wood Duck Drake.  The young birds are seen very frequently in the early fall before their adult plumage gradually replaces their juvenile feathers.  On this carving there is evidence of some of the adult plumage starting to emerge as the transition begins.  This has been thoughtfully and carefully composed to create a pleasing design.

For interested buyers there is also the option to purchase the adult pair of these three birds.  For questions, additional information, and photographs of these Wood Ducks contact Pat Godin at Pat@GodinArt.com or by telephone at 519-448-1244.